Hygiene Cabinet

Hygiene Cabinet

How the hygiene cabin works?
There are two time adjusted ozone apparatus placed inside the cabin. There is no need to add any liquid into the device; it produces ozone gas by using free oxygen in the air. As soon as the door is closed, the purple light that indicates that the apparatus is working, turns on. After staying for about 10 seconds, the purple light turns off and you can leave the cabin.
Where can it be used?
There are plenty of usage areas like below mentioned places; entrances of food processing plants such as restaurants, dining halls, cafeterias and food establishments, entrances of hospitals and clinics, hotel entrances, meeting and conference centres, shopping centres, grocery stores, market places washrooms, toilets and laundries
Hygiene Cabin Specifications:
- A compact and aesthetic design
- Reliable, fast and effective solution
- 2 time adjusted ozone apparatus placed inside the cabin
- Purple light that shows the period to stay in the cabin
- Quick exposure of micro particles to the ozone gas and disarmament of detrimental microorganisms
- No requirement of any liquid addition or external air support
- Production in customer-speci


Alumin. door&melamine coated chipboard walls


80 mm door, 18 mm walls


W: 1,5 m L: 1,5 m H: 2 m


Hinged and locked

Other Features

Sensor and purple light

Ozone Apparatus

2 (with seat)

Strength of Current

300 mA


 80 W


3 kg


200 x 200 x 150 mm


Auto Start & Timer


960 x 960

Ozone Amount

2,78 mg/10 sn (max)


One air filter available