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Structure and Mechanism of Effect 

It is a generator that produces visible amount of ozone (O3) in accordance with FDA standards with the Cold Discharge method, and works together with an integrated fan. The ozone formed ensures the removal of such substances from the environment by oxidizing with both chemical and organic molecules present in the environment. It cleans the ambient air and removes bad removes odors, reduces and even destroys the number of microbes and harmful creatures. It turns into oxygen in a very short time. 

The general effects are as follows:

 - All kinds of; smoke removal 

- Removal of stubborn odors 

- Cleaning of mold, yeast, bacteria, virus and algae in the environment

 - Removal of chemical fumes

 - De-fungal 

- All kinds; Elimination of pollen that you are allergic to In the studies carried out, the power of ozone; shown in the table below

 Areas of Use 

Can be used in all indoor areas, these are; 

- Homes, offices, çwork spaces 

- Special vehicles, public transport and transportation vehicles 

- Food processing points: 

- Restaurants, restaurants, cafeterias and food businesses 

- Hospitals, polyclinics, 

- Cafes

 - Hotels

 - Shopping centers

 - Washbasins and toilets

 - Meeting and conference centers

 - Çlaundries

 * Please contact us for use and project design in various places and especially in industrial areas

How to Use

 - Your ozone device is extremely easy to use and can be carried anywhere

 - Energy consumption is reduced - It never leaves residue in the environment 

- Easy to Maintain - For use in fixed indoor environments, set the rightmost adjustment button to 220 Volts and use the mains cable 

- When you are going to use it in vehicles, bring this button to 12 Volts and drive the vehicle. çuse the lighter connection cable 

- Move the left On-Off switch to the on position to turn on the device 

- Set the time setting button in the middle to the time you want, you can set your device to work as long as you want with the up and down buttons 

- Press the left button of the middle time setting keys, STA will appear on the screen, this will tell you how to escape your device. If you want to practice minutes, it will give you the opportunity to make that setting. Set the minute with the left button according to the table below, the value you enter is the minute value - After confirming this setting, the word STB will appear on the screen, which indicates how long the device should stop after working out. For this, see the reference table below. After this is confirmed, your device will continue to work silently. It works until the time you enter on the screen, then stops until the time you enter again, in this way it continues to work automatically. 

- It is especially important to set this time in continuous use, because if the amount of ozone is more than desired in the environment, it may cause some undesirable effects on people 

- Refresh the ambient air from time to time by opening the windows or using the central ventilation

Frequently Asked Questions: 

1. Will ozone harm me?

Dr Akyol generator The amount of ozone produced is very safe and in low doses, so you don't have to worry, but if you feel an irritation, tickling or irritation in the respiratory tract in your throat, stop the device and ventilate the environment. You can avoid the situation, our generators will never be residual in the environment. won't leave

 2. Does ozone damage metals in the environment? 

 In low doses used, this will be a negligible side effect, so you will not have a problem with this, but still, make sure not to have such apparatus right next to the ozone generator. ;your request 

3. Will ozone çharm my child? 

 The generators never harm as long as they are not inhaled by direct inhalation, that is, by bringing the mouth and nose closer to the ozone exit point. For safety, please use ozone generator; çPlace out of reach of children.

 4. What happens when ozone starts to damage?