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Worldwide safely used "protective power"
The use of ozone in unculuk and milling industry in 1997 increased quickly with the received permission to use ozone in food applications in the world. The ozone over the years has increased the unculuk areas and mill industry and continues to increase with the research.
Ozone in Unculuk and Grinding Industry Overview
- Ozone is widely used in many food processing applications, is an agent which provides antimicrobial and pathogen control.
- Blocking the use of ozone in food applications it was opened in 1997.
- In Unculuk and grinding ozone, already ongoing to develop a trial welds made Appl.
Strong disinfectant effect
Ozone is among the best known in the world disinfectants is 3125 times more powerful than chlorine.
100% environmentally friendly, will never harm the environment, because the weakly bound oxygen effect other oxygen molecules into the air show. Still it remains on another molecule such as color bleaching peroxide product used in this sector and the remaining residue is carcinogenic effect. Ozone is also the exact opposite of chemical residues in the environment cleaning, removal and has an olfactory properties.
It leads to savings in production. In particular, the long wait and shelf-life of products in the food industry that require shipping process raises to at least two to four times.
With Ozone bacteria and many other microorganisms that destroy the cell wall of the property it is too large compared to no material strong disinfectant effect.
•  Ozone is one of the most potent disindectant material, 3125 times more than chlorine.
•  Rapid and potent oxidating effect
•  A continous antimicrobial effect via destroying the cell wall of the microorganisms
•  A very effective deodorisma effect A very effective colour change, whitening in the flour
•  Natural and enviroment - friendly
•  There is no residue after application
•  A very potent chemical purification via removal of the chemical residues on the raw & finished product
•  Anticancerogen effect by removal of the radicals
•  Low energy consumption !!!